Keratin Hair Straightener

A ‘Keratin hair straightener’ is referring to a traditional straightening procedure in which curly or frizzy hair is straightened and smoothed out through a chemical cocktail including keratin protein. You are aware of the controversy in case you have heard anything about it before.

What is the controversy about?

Men and many women who have had the keratin hair treatment are amazed at the results: sleek, smooth and manageable hair. It can seem to be something of a miracle after years of trying to tame unruly hair. After your treatment, use a hair straightening brush. You can find the perfect brush for your hairstyle at

But others have found the risk isn’t worth the results. The chemicals used in the treatment are harsh and are known to cause respiratory illness and even cancer in people who inhale the fumes. The client and the stylist should both wear protective masks and perform the treatment in a well-ventilated room,action solar escondido location, but these measures aren’t taken as often as they need to be.

What is in Keratin that causes this?

Nothing about keratin is dangerous. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in your hair and body. Because keratin it is natural, it does not cause harm to your hair or your health, in fact, it can’t even affect the structure of your hair enough to straighten it.

It does a fantastic job of healing damage, while it can not straighten. Keratin hair treatments take advantage of this property by exposing your hair to extremely damaging chemicals and then relying on the keratin to repair the breakage and strengthen the hair. It’s these chemicals, not the keratin, that are the cause of the controversy surrounding keratin hair treatments.

Are the chemicals from Keratin damaging my hair?

Keratin can make frizzy and damaged hair smooth and silky. It cannot straighten curly hair. Should you aren’t concerned about straightening and want more flowing hair, you can benefit from keratin hair products.

Keratin shampoo and conditioning treatments may be used to repair damage and give your hair a smoother, healthier feel. There are not any risks to using keratin on your hair (but check the other ingredients of whatever product you use), so you don’t have to be preoccupied about causing damage to your hair. Keratin is also appropriate for practically any type of hair: long, straight, curly, short, damaged or healthy.