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The Legality of CBD Oil

Is CBD Oil Legal

Since it is a weaker psychoactive chemical than marijuana, there are expectations that CBD will be treated with less strict laws in the US. There are however a lot of differences and strict measures when dealing with the use of CBD- especially marijuana-derived CBD. Industrial hemp used in CBD production has faced discrimination by the law, but not the same bias Marijuana-made CBD faces.

Use of CBD in the United States

In the United States specifically, there is an allowable rate of THC concentrations in CBD oil of 0.3%. However, these levels are only for show, and eligible to be used by institutions and research farms in the country since hemp and Marijuana derived CBD oils are still not officially legal among all the states in the country.

The Legality in the Different States

The six states that treat the use of CBD as being an addictive drug entail South Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, Virginia, Nebraska and Indiana states. The remaining sixteen states allow the use of CBD as long as it is being used as a medicinal drug rather than an addictive element. The remaining states with marijuana use do not implicate these laws that prohibit the use of CBD within their boundaries. There’s more about recreational use and its legality at

However, the psychoactive levels of CBD have enabled the authority to unwind its strict legal structures, as there have been no reports of arrests made due to the use of CBD when compared to marijuana. This shows the laxity of the law in restricting its sale as they understand the medicinal importance with respective to the best legal products that are done by the Yet, they are still reluctant in establishing rules and regulations to make it legal and manage its use and sell. In summary, using CBD and using it can be viewed as breaking the law even if you will not get punished for doing so.

Comparing It To Other Nations

This case, however, is not very clear when comparing the US to other nations. The United Kingdom, for example, has a predicament that is somehow difficult to fathom. The use of CBD is allowed if the product is marked as a food supplement rather than as a medicinal product. Also, UK rules do not specifically tackle the use of CBD independently as a drug or food supplement.

The continuing discussions and debates whether the use of CBD should be considered legal or illegal factored among different regulatory bodies and organizations have spurred a lot of confusion on who is right and who is not. However, the lower levels of THC in CBD oil should be evidence enough to gather support for its use as a medicine.

Laws and regulations vary from nation to nation. The way the US has managed to legalize the use of marijuana in some of its states does not mean Iran or Israel will do the same. The differences in sociocultural and political ideologies will always be a hindrance in such endeavors.